Antonius Stradivarius "Davidov" 1712


The quintessential design of the Stradavarius' B model is impeccable. It has been copied more than any other cello model. Lu-Mi's version produces a rich sonorous tone.

String length: 690 mm
Corpus length: 757 mm
Corpus width: Upper 340 mm / Middle 232 mm / Lower 436 mm

Price: $4,850
Case Included

Domenico Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty" 1740

Venetian makers designed broader cellos. These instruments produce a  fuller bass sound than the Stradavarius B model.  A wide model can be challenging to hold for smaller players.

String length: 690 mm
Corpus length: 741 mm
Corpus width: Upper 361 mm / Middle 261 mm / Lower 445.5 mm

Price: $4,850
Case Included

Five String Cello after Antonio and Girolamo Amati

This model is ideal to create a sweet resonant tone for the top E-string. while the width of the corpus also produces a proper bass register.

String length: 650 mm
Corpus length: 708 mm
Corpus width: Upper 357 mm / Middle 235 mm / Lower 429 mm

Price: $5,100
Case Included

Cello after Antonius Stradivarius "Servais" 1701

The "Servais" is a large instrument.  It would be quite suitable for a "Basse de violon" tuned in Bb or C.   This instrument is sold with a soft case because of it's size.

String length: 710 mm
Corpus length: 785 mm
Corpus width: Upper 361 mm / Middle 245 mm / Lower 464 mm

Price: $6,300
Case Included